Listen Attentively When Talking To A Recruiter

A networking event such as a job fair is filled with hustle and bustle. It is a great way to get your face and resume in front of recruiters representing prospective employers. However, you only have so much time to spend with each recruiter, so make it count. This pertains not only to times when you are talking, but also when you are listening. Recruiters have valuable information to convey, so listen to them. After making an introduction to a recruiter at a networking event, provide a brief segway into conversation by showing that you did some research regarding the company. Concisely express your career aspirations and why the company is a good fit. Then, avoid the urge to convey your life story and instead sit back and listen. Let the recruiter provide further details and ask questions. Recruiters will explain more about the company, its culture, and its mission. They may also reveal some short and long-term strategic goals for the organization. This information will come in handy when submitting a formal cover letter or during an interview. If the recruiter does not go into detail regarding open positions related to your career interests, ask about these. When the recruiter is describing the duties of relevant positions, take mental or physical notes. These details explain what you will be expected to do, should you get the job. Ensure that what is being described is what you expected and ask any questions regarding information that is unclear. Being on the same page now means a smoother interviewing process. Any good recruiter can read body language very well, so do not let your eyes flit around the room to see which other companies are there. Focus entirely on the conversation at hand, listening and nodding in agreement when appropriate. The recruiter will appreciate your undivided attention and the interest you show in the organization.
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