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Name : So She Did
City : Boston
State : MA
Zipcode : 02115
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Joe Feinstein

Name : Dot World Inc
City : San Francisco
State : CA
Zipcode : 94122
Description : Dotworld Inc is the parent company for a new mobile video platform.

Stellarhead is an award winning digital storytelling agency.
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Name : Sheer Luxe Beauty
City : Dallas
State : TX
Zipcode : 75219
Description : A private-label haircare line that imports all ingredients for natural, healthy hair care products.
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Name : chad folk
City : delray beach
State : FL
Zipcode : 33438
Description : We are a community of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Marketers and Specialists from around the world building and owning successful brands using our Contrib platform. We build businesses on premium URL’s and give CONTRIB members equity compensation grants for hourly and performance based results, plus cash bonuses and other great perks.
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Name : BP Istheman
City : Minneapolis
State : MN
Zipcode : 55431
Description : as asdf afsa asdf sadfas dfasdflj asdf asdlfj lkj fsdfjlkdf
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Name : ThinkActEvolve
City : Davie
State : FL
Zipcode : 33331
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Name : Verity Partners
Organization name : Verity Partners
City : Fairfield County
State : CT
Zipcode : 06812
Description : At Verity Partners we have over 25 years of combined experience in assessing products, determining market feasibility, analyzing competitive landscapes, business plan execution, capital funding, and implementing the most rigorous and successful marketing and sales strategies available. We leverage our expertise across a spectrum of industries including Technology, Healthcare, Media, Manufacturing, Travel, Retail, and Financial Services.
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Name : Fashion Update
City : New York
State : NY
Zipcode : 10038
Description : Fashion Update is a 28 year old Public Relations Company. We are a multi-faceted company in that we promote restaurants, fashion, home furnishing and the beauty industry in New York City through features, articles and segments in all media forms (TV, Newspaper, Magazine , web online and print). We also provide marketing services, conduct shopping tours, and publish an online magazine. Come help us expand and grow with us! Please research us and check out our websites: and
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Name : Allison Maslan International
City : Cardiff
State : CA
Zipcode : 92007
Description : We are looking for a passionate intern that wants to dive right in and spread the word about our company and mission. People love to grow businesses, so this is a fun and exciting job. We don't have time to keep up the e-commerce pulse so we need some help from an intern. It will be a win/win situation.
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Autonomy NY

Name : Autonomy Music
City : Secaucus
State : NJ
Zipcode : 10019
Description : Autonomy Music provides workshops related to all aspects of the music business from A&R to Publishing to Music Production to Booking and Touring. Classes are moderated by gold and platinum record producer and former EMI Music Executive John McCracken. There are 8 workshops each with industry veteran speakers, professional touring musicians and recording engineers. Classes are $50 each per person and are held once a week at a major recording studio in Mid-town Manhattan.

Intern will learn all aspects of the music business, network with an amazing group of high level industry people and help facilitate the classes.

Music background and great communication skills essential.
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Name : Elgin PR
Organization name : Elgin PR
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Zipcode : 90010
Description : A one-stop shop PR film
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Name : Anchor Social
City : Warwick
State : NY
Zipcode : 10990
Description : Anchor Social is a digital marketing & social media agency.
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Name : DigitalCowboys
City : Austin
State : TX
Zipcode : 78702
Description : We have a portfolio among us that include a transportation app with 35,000 users, a real estate app that has been mentioned in Tech Crunch, and a member that has been invited to speak at Evernote and worked at Amazon. We are currently scaling our applications to capture a larger percentage of market share.
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Name : Tatiana Moroz Music LLC
City : New York
State : NY
Zipcode : 11209
Description : Tatiana Moroz Music LLC is the company established to promote independent liberty artist Tatiana Moroz. She is growing in popularity in the liberty movement and the Bitcoin scene, travels very frequently, and is hoping to find an intern to help with the logistics of her career.
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Name : Ilene Oren and Company
City : New York
State : NY
Zipcode : 10028
Description : Looking for a Superstar to assist in a fast paced, multi-brand tween clothing showroom. Must have strong multi-tasking abilities- a team player with a strong work ethic. Must LOVE sales and working with others. We are a small company with a large sales volume. Our powerhouse collection of tween clothing/accessory brands make us the industry's #1 Tween clothing showroom. Interns will get exposure to the sales side of the industry- department stores, specialty stores, merchandising and so much more.
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Name : BrandStand
City : Upper Saddle River
State : NJ
Zipcode : 07458
Description : We are an integrated communications marketing agency. We focus on THE BRAND - brand development, brand imaging, brand messaging. As part of our efforts, we execute exciting public relations and media relations campaigns that incorporate traditional media outreach, social media campaigns, direct marketing, advertising, events and more!
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Name : A La Mode Photo - Portrait Photography Company Based in Los Angeles
City : Santa Monica
State : CA
Zipcode : 90403
Description : A La Mode Photo is a nationally recognized portrait photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. We have been featured in Good Morning America, CBS' The Early Show and also Dr. Phil.
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Center Stage

Name : Center Stage
City : Baltimore
State : MD
Zipcode : 21202
Description : Founded in 1963 and recognized today as The State Theater of Maryland, CENTERSTAGE is an artistically driven institution committed to engaging, educating, and expanding the horizons of diverse audiences through challenging, bold, thought-provoking classical and contemporary theater. The LORT B/C regional playhouse serves an annual audience of more than 100,000, including a base of 8.000 loyal subscribers.

CENTERSTAGE boasts two distinct performance spaces (the 541-seat Pearlstone Theater, featuring a modified thrust stage, and the flexible, 322-seat Head Theater), in addition to two expansive rehearsal halls, three full-service bars, a mezzanine lounge with pre-show dinner and lunch service, and the new, interactive Media Wall in the Lynn and Tony Deering Lobby.
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Name : MARKIT Group
Organization name : MARKIT Group
City : Naples
State : FL
Zipcode : 34103
Description : MARKIT Group is a boutique PR/Marketing firm is dedicated to helping companies increase their brand visibility and bottom line through traditional and digital marketing.

Today, clients are seeking innovation, ideas and results. Our team of seasoned professionals are eager to provide local businesses with strategies that inspire and incite? and most importantly ? achieve results. MARKIT Group specializes in areas from strategic business planning, reputation management, public relations, social media, digital marketing, and graphic/web design.
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Brandon @ SmartIntern

Name : Brandon
Organization name : SmartIntern China Internships
City : Hong Kong
State : CA
Zipcode : None
Description : SmartIntern is the best way for ambitious young students and recent graduates to enter China. We offer unparalleled career and Chinese-language training and access to the best positions in Shanghai.

Whether you want to escape the Recession or simply fast-track your career, an internship with SmartIntern is the way to go!
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